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Lightweight and rust-proof: Leaf springs made of composites
Interview with Phílipp Zimmermann and Tobias Fürst

They save space, reduce weight and cannot corrode, even if a lot of salt is present. Leaf springs made of fiber-reinforced plastics are taking over the automotive industry. Philipp Zimmermann, Head of the Composites/Surfaces BU at KraussMaffei, and Tobias Fürst, Executive Vice President at Schmidt & Heinzmann, explain the manufacturing processes and advantages.

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Opening the doors to success
A KraussMaffei SpinForm machine recently fabricated its 20 millionth door lock housing

Long-running projects still exist—particularly when non-visible parts are installed in multiple vehicle models. Automotive specialist SuK Kunststofftechnik GmbH has produced 50,000 door lock housings per week for PSA since 2011. Since then, a SpinForm swivel plate machine from KraussMaffei and the corresponding molds have been running in three-shift operation.