1979: Things become colorful
Multicolor technology gathers momentum

In 1979, KraussMaffei launched the first color metering systems with 3-component mixing heads for direct coloring at the mixing head. In the following years, the development of the multi-color technology for polyurethane foaming was contiuously diven forward.

Text Petra Rehmet  Photos KraussMaffei

With the first color metering system in the late 1970s, KraussMaffei responded to the fact that polyurethane processors in certain industries of application, such as utility vehicle and aircraft  construction, were often confronted with the requirement of producing components in relatively small quantities and numerous different colors. The multi-color technology was continuously developed further over the subsequent years. At their latest Competence Forum, KraussMaffei presented a new transfer mixing head with metered addition of multiple colors. Up to four colors can be metered to the mixing chamber directly  and independently from each other. This allows for switching colors between shots in continuous production.

The KraussMaffei Reaction Process Machinery segment (RPM) is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. During this time, KraussMaffei has decisively shaped and forwarded the development of polyurethane processing worldwide. For the future, the continuously changing requirements will be a stimulus for the development of new technologies and innovations– entirely in line with the company's motto Technology Pioneers.


Sebastian Schmidhuber

Head of Research Reaction Process Machinery