2008: The winning formula of high-pressure metering pumps
In-house production offers clear advantages

In 2008, KraussMaffei began building its own axial piston pumps. Then as now, customers benefit from a quick and individual configuration as well as from short delivery times.

Text Petra Rehmet  Photos KraussMaffei

In order to be able to operate a system with high efficiency, axial pumps must be adapted to the respective property patterns of the components to be processed. Besides conventional PUR systems, new reactive systems, such as epoxy resins or reactive polyamides, have been added in recent years. This gave KraussMaffei the incentive to build the pumps in house. This way, KraussMaffei was capable—and is still capable today—of adapting quickly to the individual requirements of the material to be processed and delivering independently from external pump manufacturers. Further advantages include the significantly longer service life, the immediate availability from the manufacturer and the fast, straightforward in-house service.

Advantages In-house production

  • Quick, individual configuration
  • Immediate availability ex works
  • High process reliability
  • Significantly longer service life
  • Fast, straightforward in-house service

Six hundred in-house pumps per year

The first pumps manufactured by KraussMaffei were shipped in the middle of 2010. The market responded so positively that the company was able to celebrate the one-thousandth pump delivered from its in-house production as early as 2013. Currently, KraussMaffei manufactures over 600 axial piston pumps per year. This means that all new machines can be equipped with pumps from our in-house manufacturing.


Sebastian Schmidhuber

Head of Research and Development Reaction Process Machinery