Environmentally friendly heat from the distance heating network
From 2021, the heating of the Netstal plant will be carbon-neutral

The signing of a long-term contract with a regional energy and recycling company ensures the expansion of the district heating network to the Näfels site.

Text Michael Birchler  Photos Netstal, KVA Linth

Fields and meadows, wooded mountains, Lake Walen with its crystal-clear water. Anyone who has ever visited Netstal will be aware of the picturesque surroundings in which Netstal's high-performance machines are manufactured. “As one of the largest employers in the region, we also have a social responsibility and must keep our own emissions to a minimum,” stressed Renzo Davatz, CEO of Netstal-Maschinen AG. Heating energy accounts for a significant proportion of emissions, which is why using district heating is a very interesting option. However, the existing pipeline network of the garbage incineration plant in Niederurnen has not been sufficiently upgraded to date. With the agreement on the connection of the Netstal plant, the basis has now been created for the required 1.2 mile connecting pipeline to Naefels.

„By connecting to the district heating network, we are not only boosting the sustainability of our company, it will also give other businesses and private households in Naefels and the surrounding area the opportunity to use climate-neutral heating energy in the future."
Renzo Davatz, CEO Netstal

District heating with the optimum eco-balance

The waste heat generated during garbage incineration is used to heat water. The hot water is transported through the pipeline to the connected customers, where the heat is transferred to the in-house heating system. The cooled water flows back in a closed circuit to the waste incineration plant where it is reheated. As a by-product of garbage incineration, district heating is 100 percent carbon-neutral. The eco-balance of district heating is even better than that of solar collectors, small wood-fired heaters or geothermal systems. The garbage incineration plant also has a state-of-the-art, multi-stage flue-gas cleaning system. Its values are many times lower than the permissible limits.

Climate-neutral heating energy
Climate-neutral heating energy
Netstal will be sourcing district heating from the garbage incineration plant in Niederurnen from 2021 onwards.