High precision in LSR processing
PX 51-55 SilcoSet at NPE

The material silicone shows an extremely low viscosity and thus requires a sophisticated processing. The PX 51-55 SilcoSet, which KraussMaffei is showing at NPE in Orlando, fulfills these requirements perfectly with high precision and economic efficiency.

Text Petra Rehmet  Photos KraussMaffei

Silicones or LSRs (liquid silicon rubbers) are also on the rise in the USA. The medical technology and automotive industries in particular are becoming increasingly interested in the outstanding physical and chemical properties of the material. However, the material has an extremely low viscosity, especially highly transparent silicone, and it requires especially high precision during injection. The PX 51-55 SilcoSet at NPE features a hydraulic nozzle contact force with an electric injection unit. This combination makes the process safe and precise. Special screw seals on the shaft support this argument. Additionally, the spring-loaded return-flow lock of the screw guarantees reproducible closing behavior when processing low-viscosity material.

Suitable for cleanroom conditions
Suitable for cleanroom conditions
At NPE, the PX 51-55 SilcoSet will be producing special dosing caps (duckbills) for the medical industry

The PX 51-55 SilcoSet, which will be producing special dosing caps (duckbills) for the medical industry at NPE, is part of the new, all-electric injection molding machine series from KraussMaffei. "The PX series combines the advantages of an all-electric injection molding machine with maximum modularity. Our customers appreciate the high degree of variety and flexibility, both in configuring the right machine, for example, using our wide range of clamping unit and injection unit combinations, and in production or retrofitting," adds Caprio. For example, the PX 51-55 at NPE features larger platens for the next level of clamping force. The larger clearance corresponds to an increased maximum mold weight. This makes it possible to install a larger mold, even at a clamping force of 500 kN. Large clamping units, small injection units – in production, this means that no more space is taken up than what is required for the production order.


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