Latest technologies and innovative systems at the Competence Forum
Fiber composite for high-performance pipes for the oil- and gas industry

In keeping with the motto "From industrial beginnings to plastics machine engineering in the digital age," the focus of the event on June 6 and 7 th, 2018 will be on the pioneer spirit that the company has demonstrated again and again over its 180-year history. This will be brought to life by a variety of operating machines, all of which satisfy the high standards of specific customers for machines and systems for increased efficiency and economic viability, as well as intelligent Industry 4.0 solutions.

Text Annemarie Pabst  Photos KraussMaffei Berstorff

KraussMaffei Berstorff is concentrating on intelligent solutions in fiber composite technology, as well as manufacturing pipes with engineering polymers. This allows visitors to witness a plastic pipe being wrapped on the TCP (Thermoplastic Composite Pipe) with fiberglass-reinforced UD tapes (on an identical polymer matrix) system in live operation.

  • Fiber-reinforced pipes are not subject to corrosion wear 
  • Extremely suitable for high-pressure applications in the oil and gas industry 
  • Designed for chemical and/or temperature-resistant applications
"By offering this pilot system, we hope to provide our customers with a long-term service that is the only one of its kind worldwide: manufacturing fiber-composite pipes according to custom application requirements for pre-classification".
Matt Sieverding, President of Extrusion Technology of the KraussMaffei Group.

Innovative pipehead concept for engineering polymer materials

The newly developed KM-3L RKW 250 F³ multi-layer pipe head - integrated into a complete pipeline - offers a spectacular demonstration of the manufacturing process for three-layer pipes with a functional polyamide inner layer. These pipes are also suitable for applications in the oil and gas industry thanks to features such as impact strength and abrasion resistance.

Lighting strip profiles made of polycarbonate

A profile coextrusion system is being used to manufacture polycarbonate light covers. This demonstration is a way for KraussMaffei Berstorff to prove its value as an expert partner that can provide economically attractive solutions for coextruded technical profiles which combine various functional layers, such as transparent or non-transparent.  

Supporting program and evening event

Over the course of two days, the company is both offering an in-depth look into the plant grounds and demonstrating its expertise as a system partner in the digital age. Alongside the live demonstrations, visitors will receive further technical details in the form of lecture series and talks given by presenters. Partner companies from the areas of research, material processing, mold technology and peripheral technology complete the full program agenda. At the evening event on June 6, customers, prospective customers and partners will close out the day by getting together and enjoying a relaxed atmosphere with their contact persons.