More freedom in design thanks to inductive mold heat-balancing
CX 200 at NPE

At NPE in Orlando, a CX 200-750 with inductive mold heat-balancing creates impressive surface effects together with Roctool (HD plastics) without additional post-mold processing.

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"The design options in the technology are immense. Whether it is shades of colors, hologram, glossy or matte effects, everything can be done in the one-shot process without additional post-mold processing such as film decoration or (secondary) painting," says President of US subsidiary Krauss-Maffei Corporation in Florence, KY. At NPE, the CX 200 with a 16-cavity mold produces 16 different surfaces (design variants) of a plastic housing for a game console.

Matte, glossy or with a hologram structure
Matte, glossy or with a hologram structure
Inductive mold heat-balancing creates exciting surface effects at NPE

The CX 200 from KraussMaffei scores points in this application with its outstanding performance as an extremely cost-effective and precise two-platen machine. This includes, for example, the drive concept according to state-of-the-art technology (IE3 types) as well as the energy-efficient BluePower servo drive. An active accumulator management system completes the overall concept. As a two-platen machine, the CX series requires less installation area than longer three-platen models. Under the clamping unit, it provides space for peripheral devices and all kinds of demolding systems. During NPE, an LRX 150 of the new generation of linear robots will demold the components. In the next step, the component and the sprue are separated. Finally, the bagging and packaging are carried out. Thanks to the space-saving design, this can be completed within the protective enclosure and saves on the footprint required for infeed.

KraussMaffei at NPE
May 7 - 11, 2018
Hall West
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