Innovative packaging solutions
Säntis Packaging relies on ELIOS series state-of-the-art technology from Netstal

Säntis Packaging employs a number of different packaging manufacturing processes. When it comes to injection molding thin-walled lids, the company based in Eastern Switzerland puts its faith in leading machine technology from Netstal and its accompanying 'best-in-class' customer service.

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"We are not simply a packaging manufacturer, we see ourselves more as a technology company that pushes the boundaries of the feasible to create a platform for our customers to continually further develop," stated Dr. Bettina Fleisch in extolling the objective of her company. Since 2005 Bettina Fleisch has been the owner and CEO of Säntis Packaging AG, whose origins trace back to the Säntis J. Göldi AG battery factory founded in 1922. Since taking over the company from her uncle, she has realigned the company.

At the foot of Mount Säntis
At the foot of Mount Säntis
Säntis Packaging AG in Rüthi, Canton St. Gallen, Switzerland

As an example, in 2010 packaging production was hived off as an independent company and since then has operated spatially separated from the traditional battery business under the name of Säntis Packaging AG. Today, around 100 employees produce innovative packaging with the aid of three specific technologies: deep drawing, film extrusion and injection molding.

Injection molded packaging since 1958

The company began its plastic processing operations back in the 1940s to enable the in-house production of small parts and battery cases. "This was essentially the birth of what is today Säntis Packaging," explained Bettina Fleisch. The starting point for cooperation with Netstal followed in 1958 when yogurt cups were first manufactured using an injection molding process. "The Rotomat series machines acquired at that time were extremely reliable. In fact, the last Rotomat was only decommissioned in 1995," recalled Bettina Fleisch. In terms of injection molding, in addition to technical parts the company has specialized in packaging products such as thin-wall cups and trays, closures, caps and flip-top lids with in-mold labeling. The development of in-house packaging is an important key to success. "Innovative and efficient packaging solutions can only be created if we understand the market and the needs of our customers," emphasized Bettina Fleisch. Important is an individual and attractive design that appeals to consumers at the point of sale. Good packaging must also protect the product and be of optimal design in terms of cost, logistics and sustainability.

"In terms of cooperation with Netstal, we always feel that we are an important customer even though we only have two machines at the moment. In this respect, Netstal demonstrates special and absolutely outstanding quality."
Dr. Bettina Fleisch, Owner and CEO Säntis-Packaging AG
Valued partnership
Valued partnership
Dr. Bettina Fleisch, owner and CEO of Säntis Packaging AG with Ruedi Speck, Sales Manager for Switzerland at Netstal

Perfect all-round service

Over the decades Säntis Packaging has developed extensive expertise in the injection molding of packaging. Not all of this time involved continuous cooperation with Netstal. "To be quite honest, there was a period when Netstal was out of reach for us in terms of price. However, we started working with Netstal machines again last year, and we are extremely satisfied!" said Bettina Fleisch. For one particular project we were looking for a machine with a clamping force of 6000kN. The perfect solution turned out to be a 17-year-old SYNERGY series machine from Netstal's used machine range. "Netstal provided us with outstanding support and was extremely flexible in meeting our needs: from providing advice, consultations with the mold maker, delivery and commissioning right through to training and technical application support at our plant. Our used machine currently operates very efficiently and quickly," said a delighted Bettina Fleisch.

Ultimate reliability
Ultimate reliability
Säntis is impressed with how quickly and smoothly the used SYNERGY 6000 performs its daily tasks

A new ELIOS followed used SYNERGY

A short time later, an additional ELIOS 4500 Netstal machine was acquired. "We needed another line for the manufacture of flip-top lids with in-mold labeling. Given the positive experience of the previous project and the attractive ROI calculation, we opted for the latest state-of-the-art and top performing machine technology from Netstal," stated Bettina Fleisch. We are not yet at the stage of series production of the lids, but test runs so far have demonstrated the enormous potential of the new machine. "The ELIOS is extremely dynamic, has outstanding control features and uses very little power. We are eagerly looking forward to commencing series production with the machine," added Bettina Fleisch.

Fast and high-precision
Fast and high-precision
Flip-top lids with in-mold labeling are produced in the stack mold of the new ELIOS 4500

Every single customer is important at Netstal

Netstal successfully regained the business of Säntis Packaging with high-performance products and outstanding service. "In terms of cooperation with Netstal, we always feel that we are an important customer even though we only have two machines at the moment. In this respect, Netstal demonstrates special and absolutely outstanding quality," concluded Bettina Fleisch.

About Säntis Packaging

Säntis Packaging AG is an innovative Swiss company specializing in the development and manufacture of holistic thermoplastic packaging solutions for the food industry. All packaging is designed in accordance with Eco-Design standards: resource-conserving, recyclable and low-pollution. As a member of the Swiss Energy Agency (EnAW) the company operates an active energy management system. Säntis Packaging is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and the BRC hygiene standard. The Swiss location guarantees stable framework conditions along with premium flexibility and ultimate quality. The family-run company employs around 100 personnel, with a 10 percent proportion of trainees. Dr. Bettina Fleisch has been the owner and CEO of Säntis Packaging AG since 2005.


Ruedi Speck

Head of Sales Switzerland