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Teamwork with an industry leader: A win-win from the start

Integrity Tool & Mold Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers of tools and molds for plastic injection molding in North America. The Canadian company has equipped its new plant in Mexico with three injection molding machines including robotics from KraussMaffei – a mutual success story.

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"Our collaboration with KraussMaffei is a win for all sides"
Brian Bartlett, Molding Department Manager at Integrity Tool & Mold Inc. headquartered in Oldcastle

Integrity is comprised of more than 600 employees in the group, seven plants in three locations as well as a machine pool for applications ranging from CNC-processing and laser welding to deep drilling and KraussMaffei injection molding machines.

Cooperation with KraussMaffei has just begun. In search of new opportunities for expansion, the second-largest North American mold maker, and number one in the automotive industry, decided in favor of a regional expansion in the summer of 2016. In addition to the six plants already in existence – four at the Canadian headquarters in Windsor, Ontario and two in Pulaski, Tennessee in the US – a seventh was to be added in Mexico.

For the location of the new plant, management chose the previously established support location in Queretaro, a key city for the automotive industry, which is Integrity's most important customer segment. In two construction phases, a factory building of approximately 11,000 square meters was built. At this factory, the goal was to implement a second approach to growth: bringing more added value into the company's own plants. "Forward integration" was the motto. Simple mold validation (which happens anyway on injection molding machines) was to be expanded to pre-batch production for the customers. This also called for the appropriate machine pool.

"It was our objective to find a mechanical engineering company that was attuned to our needs and wishes and was able to implement on a wider front in practice"
Brian Bartlett, Molding Department Manager at Integrity Tool & Mold Inc. headquartered in Oldcastle

The most important criteria in choosing a partner were service readiness, performance capacity, quality and punctuality, all of which KraussMaffei satisfied. "What set KraussMaffei apart in particular was its strong dedication to our project."

Most notably, the mechanical engineering company scored points by delegating a special head engineer, who was available at the Integrity plant to answer questions and make suggestions for as long as the customer requested. The fact that manufacturing experts from Munich were flown in to resolve specific questions about the Integrity machines truly impressed Bartlett.

The Canadian manager's first order was for four injection molding machines, all with six-axis linear robots. One MX 4000-24500 went to the main plant, while an MX 2300 multi-component machine with rotary table, an MX 2300 single-component machine and a GX 550 went to Queretaro.

Out of all the machines, the MC6 control system was particularly popular. "Our greatest challenge is to determine whether errors are being caused by the workpiece, the process or the mold," Bartlett mentions as an example of the technology's benefits. "The double screen allows us to answer this question by simultaneously observing the clamping force and injection pressure progressions." In the meantime, Integrity has ordered two additional MX machines.

Richard Weber

Inside Sales and Marketing Specialist