Color change from shot to shot
New multi-color mixing head live at the Competence Forum

At the Comptence Forum in Munich from June 6 to 7, the KraussMaffei Reaction Process Machinery Segment will highlight its new MK 10/15-UVP-2K+4 multi-color mixing head. This head lets you change colors between shots. The colors are neatly separated, which means the user can skip the changeover time in real-life production.

Text Petra Rehmet  Photos KraussMaffei

"The mixing head is suitable for all applications in which PUR processors face the challenge of providing components in relatively small quantities and in numerous different colors," according to Sebastian Schmidhuber, head of RPM Research and Development at KraussMaffei. With the new transfer mixing head, it is now possible to change the dye in continuous production from shot to shot. "The result is clearly increased flexibility of manufacturing. Since production no longer has to be interrupted for a dye change, the availability of the machine increases also," explains Schmidhuber.

To reach a higher mixing quality even in unfavorable mixing conditions, the mixing head works according to the principle of T-mixing, which means that the polyol component is split in two substreams and introduced through two nozzles to the mixing chambers. At the newly developed mixing head two different dyes can be added at both polyol nozzles respectively. The metering occurs at the same time between polyol nozzle and mixing chamber, so that no dye carryover into the polyol component takes place. Through this positioning it is also possible to meter the dye with relatively low pressure.

The new multi-color mixing head will prduce foamed polyurethane knee cushions during the Competence Forum