Fast dye changes every few minutes
New ColorForm mixing head

The new linear mixing head MK 5-2+1K allows an outstanding fast dye change in the ColorForm process, in which a thermoplastic mold base body is glow-coated with PUR or PUA as the surface material.

Text Petra Rehmet  Photos KraussMaffei

During the ColorForm process the thermoplastic mold base body is flow-coated after the injection molding in the second cycle with polyurethane (PUR) or polyurea (PUA) as a surface material. The use of the new mixing head allows for a very fast dye change – to do so, the dye module mounted to the mixing head need only be replaced. This process is possible in few minutes. Dye carryover can be excluded due to the design of the mixing head because the dye circulates in a closed system in the dye module, and thus not through the mixing head. The dye nozzle opens only when material is discharged, and the dye is added directly in the mixing chamber.

The new ColorForm mixing head is lightweight and compact, which reduces the space requirements and facilitates the installation on molds. Furthermore, the new mixing head series is particularly well suited for reliable and uniform mixing of smaller PUR quantities. This is a critical factor in the ColorForm process, because the applied PUR layers are very thin.


Sebastian Schmidhuber

Head Research and Development Reaction Process Machinery