More safety and effectiveness in injection molding production
New Smart Operation controller option

Simple, fast, safe: this is how injection molding machines should be operable in production. With Smart Operation, Netstal provides an innovative operating concept. Handling specifications are reliably implemented and operating errors are effectively prevented. Injection molders benefit from an increased OEE.

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Flexible application development and intuitive operation in the production environment

High-performance injection molding machines are complex systems.  The wide range of application options require a high degree of individualization when developing applications. In a production environment, however, it's all about a control concept that is as intuitive and safe as possible.  Netstal's answer to this requirement is called "Smart Operation". "With its unique operating philosophy, Smart Operation allows the consistent separation of the development of applications and the subsequent operation of the machine in a production environment", said Netstal CEO Renzo Davatz.

Simple, guided and safe operation with Smart Buttons and Dashboard

The aXos controller will continue to offer the usual high flexibility when it comes to programming a wide range of injection molding applications.  Based on the application, all processes can be flexibly defined by in-house experts.  Smart Operation provides users with an innovative operating concept to be used in a production environment. It consists of four new buttons, the so-called Smart Buttons, as well as a pre-configurable dashboard on the main screen for the illustration of relevant process information, situational interaction notifications as well as application-specific instructions. 

Start and stop production with three keystrokes

Smart Operation builds on the concept of clearly defined machine conditions.  The new Smart Buttons trigger status transitions during the production process.  That means, for example, that with the push of just three buttons, the machine can be turned on, prepared for production and begin production.  And the production can then be ended and the machine turned off just as quickly, easily and safely.

Guided operation
Guided operation
Interaction notices with clear color-coding guide users through the entire process. Status transitions are triggered by the colored backlit Smart Buttons.

Embedding of handling specifications in the machine

All conventional operating elements can be locked in order to make operation in production as simple and safe as possible. The machine is then operated exclusively by means of the Smart Buttons. "Smart Operation ensures guided and safe operation in the production environment. Standardized handling specifications based on our own expert knowledge, such as GMP, are reliably anchored in the machine control system," emphasizes Davatz. With Smart Operation, the operating concept remains unchanged across all applications. Production employees are trained more quickly and can be deployed more flexibly. The scope of written process descriptions, checklists and work instructions on the machine can be considerably reduced.

More safety and effectiveness in production

By using Smart Operation, Netstal users benefit from additional increases in overall equipment effectiveness. The assured compliance with handling specifications and the higher availability lead to increased productivity at a constant quality level. "With Smart Operation, we are supporting our customers in achieving their effectiveness goals with lowest unit costs and consistent quality," concludes Davatz. Smart Operation is optionally available for all Netstal machines of the ELIOS and ELION series. Existing systems with aXos control can be retrofitted.


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