Plastics 4.0: AnalytiX goes live
Always monitor all machines from anywhere

With AnalytiX, the cloud-based production monitoring system from Netstal, the users of Netstal injection moulding machines can use smartphones or tablets to monitor their machinery – always and from anywhere.

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The injection moulder benefits from the automated analyses of processes and machine conditions.  This saves a lot of time and increases the efficiency of employees.  Using intelligent performance indicators for stability and productivity, users can quickly detect trends or performance deviations of individual machines.  As a result, necessary countermeasures, for example conducting unscheduled maintenance, can be initiated in time. 

"Using AnalytiX, customers receive a lot of data that is custom-tailored to their needs. That provides them with additional availability and productivity. In addition, AnalytiX allows us to increasingly be involved in the field of predictive maintenance"
Netstal CEO Renzo Davatz.

Secure data storage in Switzerland

Data security is a top priority at Netstal. All information is hosted in the secure Netstal cloud in Switzerland and is not accessible to third parties. The user administration and the granting of access rights are entirely in the customer's hands.

AnalytiX App
AnalytiX App
The innovative analysis tool is available as app for iOS and Android.

Flexibly expandable

With paid subscriptions, the range of functions can be flexibly adapted to individual needs. This provides users with a more in-depth insight into the individual machine parameters and allows them to extend data storage to up to two years. AnalytiX is available as an app for iOS or Android. The free basic version provides an overview of the connected machines and retains data for 24 hours.

Hardware platform: iOT Ready Package

In order to use AnalytiX, the injection moulding machine has to be equipped with the "IoT Ready Package". This consists of NRS-Connect (Netstal Remote Support) and the Euromap 15 interface. The machine is connected to the Internet via a wired connection or a 4G mobile network.

Renzo Davatz, CEO Netstal

Statement on AnalytiX and Netstal's new E-Service (German)


Jonas Schwarz

Product Manager