Safe remote maintenance of injection molding machines
Netstal Remote Support now free of charge

The Netstal Remote Support (NRS) enables Netstal specialists to quickly and securely access the controller of injection molding machines if required. Remote support is now available to all customers free of charge.

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Netstal Remote Support (NRS) provides our customers with a secure and cost-effective way to directly view and evaluate information about their injection molding machines. In many cases, the causes of malfunctions can be quickly identified and appropriate countermeasures initiated. Unscheduled downtimes are reduced to a minimum by using remote support.

Remote support now free of charge

Previously, our customers were able to connect their injection molding machines to NRS free of charge during the first year of warranty. This service is now available to all customers free of charge. A prerequisite is the NRS Connect module, which is now automatically installed on all new machines. Existing machines can be retrofitted with NRS Connect.

Data security and confidentiality

Netstal Remote Support relies on state-of-the-art technologies to encrypt data traffic in both directions. Any connection between machine and NRS server is only possible with a security certificate installed on the machine. Users authenticate with password and security token to use the service.

Company-owned worldwide teleservice

The NRS infrastructure can also be used to operate an own teleservice. An excellent solution, especially for multinational companies, that allows in-house experts to effectively support international production sites. If interested, we will be pleased to advise you on the licensing models.


Rolf Meier

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