The new PX Agile live at Chinaplas
Sophisticated surface effects and filigree medical applications

Just in time for Chinaplas 2019, the world premiere of the PX Agile is coming up: Here, German quality standards meets Chinese agility in order to adapt quickly and precisely to the dynamic market conditions.

Text Petra Rehmet  Photos KraussMaffei

Live-Demonstration at Chinaplas

The new PX Agile is ideal for standard applications, for example for technical components, electric and electronic devices and for the automotive, packaging and medical industry. At Chinaplas 2019, KraussMaffei will launch the PX Agile 80 and PX Agile 160 on the market with a respective clamping force of 800 or 1600 kN. Both exhibits impressively demonstrate the advantages of the new PX Agile series: stability, precision, short cycle times and maximum flexibility for various applications.

Striking surface effects take shape on the new PX Agile 80 with its inductive dynamic mold heating (DMH) technology by the partner Roctool (HD Plastics). The decisive benefit is that the technical and financial effort of an additional film decoration or (secondary) painting becomes obsolete.

At the example of a TV box finisher from the entertainment industry, KraussMaffei impressively demonstrates the wide and varied design options of the inductive mold heating technology. Different color shading, hologram, gloss or matt effects—everything can be realized with the one-shot process without the need for additional post-mold processing.

Precision, fast cycle times and high component quality are the features of the new PX Agile 160, which will produce a typical medical application at Chinaplas—pipette tips taking shape in a 32-cavity mold.

Easy to program and intuitive to operate - new linear robot LRX Agile

Both exhibits, the PX Agile 80 and PX Agile 160, are equipped with the new LRX Agile from KraussMaffei. The new linear robot series is also produced at the KraussMaffei plant in Sanming offering short delivery times and an attractive price and performance ratio for customers in China. The new LRX Agile represents an efficient solution for simple pick-and-place applications and is suitable for all injection molding machines. Three different programming levels ensure an easy and quick start even for beginners.


Stewart Zhang

Vice President of Injection Molding Machinery, KraussMaffei China