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New nozzle-changing component optimizes SCS mixing head

The newly developed nozzle-changing component by KraussMaffei allows the flexible use of different nozzle systems at the SCS spray mixing head. This does not only reduce cycle time but also the investment costs - as only one mixing head is required.

Text Petra Rehmet  Photos KraussMaffei

In the SCS process (Structural Component Spraying), layers made up of fiber mats and honeycomb cores are sprayed with unreinforced PUR, inserted into a mold and pressed into shape. SCS permits outer layers with low thickness, so that the manufactured components are particularly lightweight.

Flat-fan nozzles and air-assisted circular jet sprays are available for the spraying process. Flat-fan nozzles produce a fan-like flat jet and are suited for large-format coating of the PUR mixture on relatively level, large-sized components. The air-assisted circular jets produce a finer spray and have a lower output capacity than the flat-fan nozzles. They are used primarily for component areas with challenging geometry.

The newly developed nozzle-changing component by KraussMaffei now makes it possible to equip spray mixing heads with both nozzle varieties. In the manufacturing of the component, both nozzles can go into action alternately. This has the advantage of making the cycle time shorter. Furthermore the investment costs are reduced because only one mixing head is required and the previously inserted hydraulic switchover unit is not required anymore

For faster nozzle changes
For faster nozzle changes
The SCS spray mixing head with new nozzle changing component


Sebastian Schmidhuber

Reaction Process Machinery Development Manager