Energy efficiency: Less is more
KraussMaffei helps improve energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions

Electricity is expensive, polymers are scarce, and carbon dioxide emissions are too high. In every respect, conserving resources makes sense. For conservation of resources to work for the long term, a well-coordinated package of measures is needed. KraussMaffei has many options to choose from in its portfolio.

Text Petra Rehmet  Photos KraussMaffei

1 + 1 + 1 = 3. Simple and clear, isn't it. If you want to save energy, however, you should give more thought to the basic principles. If measure 1 also improves the effectiveness of measures 2 and 3, you achieve more than the sum of the individual parts. The KraussMaffei approach is based on ISO 50001, with the goal of helping customers to set up a systematic energy management system.

Plastics processors are currently under pressure from many sides. Increased costs can often not be passed on in the part price, regulations and taxes are multiplying, and negative media coverage even makes it hard to find specialized employees. On the other hand, never have there been as many incentives for those who want to manage their companies in a sustainable manner.    

Different solutions to increase energy efficiency

KraussMaffei has the solutions for this in the areas of process management, drive technology, temperature management as well as data and services. All of these can also be used for existing equipment and some can be used for machines from other manufacturers. For example, you can equip the machine with a BluePower servo drive and Weekly Timer to consume energy only when and in the amount it is absolutely necessary. 

APC plus reduces srap and thus saves material and energy

You can avoid scrap using the familiar APC plus (Adaptive Process Control) function, which controls the component weight for each cycle individually. dataXplorer gives you insight into the depths of the process to improve the entire production process. Finally, smartAssist and socialProduction give you the opportunity to respond to problems in real time.  

Investing in energy management pays off

A well-founded energy management system is an effective risk prevention option, given that more and more industries are being integrated into an emissions cap-and-trade system that can make excess CO₂ emissions costly. Thus high energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions are a strategic risk for companies. On the other hand, investments that help to increase energy efficiency enjoy government subsidies in Germany. KraussMaffei offers relevant advice here as well.   

Because less is more - discover further solutions and concrete examples in our series "energy efficiency" in the next weeks and find out how you can improve your energy efficiency and save resources sensibly.