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Maintenance, replacement, upgrade – the best solution is from KraussMaffei

Polyurethane systems like it hot. But if temperatures and temperature fluctuation are too high, the process is destabilized, and product quality suffers. Therefore, KraussMaffei has developed solutions for those users who have PUR systems operating at the highest level with precision—even in the hot season.

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Analysis at the start

A service check is usually the point of departure for optimizing the process. The temperature control unit and the entire system must be tailored to match each other. There is no maximum performance except in optimum condition. Especially, the influence of the quality of the cooling water is often underestimated. However, if deposits from the heating or cooling water or from components on the parts carrying material build up, they impede heat transfer. 

Requirements-based solutions

To ensure that the temperature in the process reliably remains in the optimum range, replacement of modules can become necessary in older systems.  New daily tanks, heat exchanger tanks or heat exchangers exist in various designs. Well-informed advice from the KraussMaffei experts guides you to the solution that is economically most sustainable.

Cost-effective standard solutions

Replacement with identical containers is an interesting option for quickly upgrading a system to the state of the art again. For this purpose, the modules with integrated heat exchanger provide a particularly cost-effective alternative insofar as this is technically realistic and feasible.

Customized daily tanks

KraussMaffei supplies daily tanks that are fully customized. A wide variety of combinations with heat exchangers and temperature control systems covers any requirements. Size, pressure, temperature, the material of the tank and the requested equipment determine the selection. A double-walled design of the agitator tanks ensures constant temperatures of the components.

Convenient HP heat exchangers

The HP heat exchangers operate with particular precision. They are equipped with proportional valves that make precise and uniform temperature control possible. If placed near the mixing head, even the HP pumps have no influence on the temperature. 

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