ZE 28 BP twin-screw extruder in a new design


ZE 28 BP twin-screw extruder in a new design
| Andreas Weseler

Improved usability, greater efficiency and shorter delivery times

The redesigned ZE 28 BluePower laboratory extruder has a clear focus on increased efficiency, shorter delivery times and greater cost-effectiveness. This machine not only impresses with its attractive price, but is also characterized by user-friendliness and performance.

The ZE 28 BluePower is a high-performance laboratory extruder with impressive features, including an ideal free volume (Da/Di = 1.65) and a high torque density of 13.6 Nm/cm³. Its versatility is demonstrated by the customizability of the processing section, which can be designed in a length range from 32 to 64D depending on process requirements and can be equipped with up to 3 side feeders.

In addition to these features, the process section is available in three different material variants to provide customers with the necessary wear and corrosion protection for their individual processes.

New paths for laboratory extruder customers: The design study shows the new low-cost standard version of the ZE 28 BluePower extruder.

Solution for any application with optimized ease of operation

For customers with special requirements, the ZE 28 BluePower offers a wide range of equipment options, including process parts in high-temperature versions with a resistance of up to 420°C. The equipment option of electrically pulling the screws in the drive direction, "UltraGlide" for short, also expands the already diverse possibilities of this machine.

Since October 2022, ZE BluePower extruders have been equipped with the newly developed "pioneer processControl" (ppC) control system as standard, which offers our customers a high level of process reliability. This control system also includes innovative functions such as the so-called wizards, which provide the operator with step-by-step instructions for certain work steps, such as starting up or shutting down the entire line.

Focus on higher efficiency, shorter delivery times and increased cost effectiveness

After intensive discussions with our customers, we have responded to current market requirements and improved our twin-screw extruder accordingly. In the future, we will offer our extruder with a cost advantage as compared to our competitors and an attractive delivery time.
Michael Tieben
Product Manager ZE BluePower series

High energy efficiency, excellent temperature control within the processing section, improved surface cleaning, enhanced power electronics protection and an optimized strand extrusion die are the key features of the relaunched ZE 28 BluePower design.

The processing sections including the screw configurations are still customized and all process-engineering results can be scaled up without any problems to the entire BluePower extruder range from size ZE 42 up to the ZE 186.

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