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Customers invest in complete systems

In both the PVC and PO areas, KraussMaffei Berstorff has seen a significant increase in incoming orders for granulation systems. The recently revised 32D twin-screw extruder with a 32 L/D process length is enjoying high demand in the world of PVC pelletizing. In PO pelletizing, the KraussMaffei Berstorff customers count on the reliability and performance of the 36D single-screw series. The compact twin-screw extruder KMD 35-26/L for lab plants completes the pelletizing product range.  

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32D pelletizing extruder for all PVC formulations

“We have systematically adapted the pelletizing machines to current market requirements with respect to output,” explains Eric ­Sanson, Product Manager for profile extrusion and pelletizing at KraussMaffei Berstorff. For instance, the 32D twin-screw extruders impress with an up to 20 percent higher output for hard and soft PVC. Another benefit of the optimized screw concept is the processing of a large range – also high-filled – or recycling materials. A clever pelletizing head concept with a high level of wear resistance also meets all challenges for the processing of very sensitive and highly corrosive ma­­terials such as C-PVC.

“The parallel twin-screw ­extruders of the 32D series feature a screw concept and fulfill these exact ­requirements for an extremely flexible application.”
Eric Sanson, Product Manager for Profile Extrusion and Pelletizing at KraussMaffei Berstorff
Pelletizing extruder
Pelletizing extruder
32D series twin-screw extruders with pelletizing head.

New customer Tunisie Cables counts on flexibility

Tunisie Cables, one of the largest manufacturers of cables in Africa and headquartered in Tunis, has opted to use KraussMaffei Berstorff equipment to meet its special requirements. “We expect maximum flexibility in the production process along the entire value chain,” stresses Fakhreddine ­Bousnina, purchasing manager at Tunisie Cables. “We granulate our material using flexible PVC formulations for the different applications in cable manufacturing, such as the insulating layers, sheathing and also filling material,” explains Bousnina. “The parallel twin-screw extruders of the 32D series feature a screw concept and fulfill these exact requirements for an extremely flexible application,” adds Eric Sanson.The integrated plant, featuring the KMD ­133-32/G-W as its centerpiece, will go into operation at the Grombalia location at the end of the year.

Lab facilities for the development of formulations

The small twin-screw extruder KMD ­35-26/L, the heart of a lab plant, completes the product range of the system provider KraussMaffei Berstorff in pelletizing. Small and compact, yet featuring a powerful transmission and a separate C6 control, it offers every raw material producer and every processor substantial savings. Formulations can be mixed and optimized in small quantities, before large quantities of material are used in a production machine. In production facilities, lab extruders are also often used for the quality control of raw materials and formulations.

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