Premium machine quality for Chinese pipe formulations
Conical twin-screw extruder

A real crowd-puller at Chinaplas: The new KMD 63 K/R conical twin-screw extruder ­celebrated 2017 its Chinese premiere in Guangzhou. It is optimally suited for the U-PVC formulations that are commonly used in China. By ­offering the extruder, KraussMaffei Berstorff is expanding its performance range in the U-PVC pipe sector for the lower and medium output range.

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Conical model for small-diameter and double-strand production

“With the introduction of the conical model, we will be able to professionally handle the requirements of pipe producers for a robust machine with small diameter ranges of up to 63 mm as well as for twin-strand systems,” emphasizes Kaijun Fan, Vice President of Extrusion in China. The model – to be seen for the first time at the Chinaplas in Guangzhou – is designed for the performance range of 130 to 360 kg/h and precisely matched to the ­local Chinese U-PVC formulation. It is the ­ideal concept for the lower performance range because traditionally more conical machine designs are used here.

Market launch at Chinaplas
Market launch at Chinaplas
KMD 63 K/R conical twin-screw extruder from the Performance series.

Powerful, flexible and compact

“We therefore cover the entire spectrum of pipe processing, as the models of the 36D Performance series are still available for the high output range in the U-PVC sector, and two specialized machines, the KMD 60 KK and the KMD 90-26, are available for C-PVC processing,” says Fan. Apart from the space-saving design, the conical extruder features an outstanding high-performance gearbox and a high level of flexibility and process stability from a process technology standpoint. The C6 control system with its many monitoring and control functions is the key to an optimal production process.

Premium-quality components from ­Germany – assembled locally

“We consistently pursue high quality standards in terms of a comprehensive cost-­effective production approach for the Chinese market,” Fan stresses. “In our Performance series we rely on high machine quality and German expertise, but the product is specifically tailored to Chinese needs. We source the performance-determining components of the machine from our main plant in Germany, while the finalization, installation and commissioning takes place in Haiyan. This allows us to offer our customers the highest quality for the usual Chinese formulations and market requirements,” says Fan.

OEE Plus for boosting quality

The molybdenum-welded screws and the deep-nitrided barrel provides high and effective wear resistance in the cost-­effective processing of a wide variety of PVC pipe mixtures and thus ensures a long machine service life. KraussMaffei Berstorff offers Chinese customers the right mix of high performance, maximum uptime and optimum quality in its systems to increase overall equipment efficiency.

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